March 23rd and 24th – Travel and Disneyquest

A quick recap of yesterday – as I didn’t post anything about yesterday.

We got to the airport, but our flight was delayed for an hour due to weather related issues.  One bumpy and otherwise good flight later (the crew was good), we were touching down in Orlando!
We get to the DME station and get shown onto a bus right away.  We leave about 10 minutes later and our resort was the first stop, where Julie and the kids were waiting for us!

We check in and get our room, in the Congress Park section of the Saratoga Springs resort.  Our view is of Downtown Disney, I can see DisneyQuest right out of the window.

After we get settled, we head over to Rainforest Cafe for our traditional kick off dinner.  Mom and I were starving as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast (and the pretzels on the plane don’t count).

After dinner, we head back to the room, and our luggage arrived (thanks Disney’s Magical Express).  We gave the kids their presents and they went home while we settled in after the long day.

The next morning, my Mom, Julie, and Belle went off on their own, while I took Gabe over to DisneyQuest.  He got in no problem, due to him having a premium annual pass, while I got 4 bucks off with my annual pass.  We had a bunch of fun playing Fix It Felix, Jr., along with other assorted games (he kicked my butt in Mighty Ducks pinball slam), and when we were ready to leave, we find it raining outside.  We got soaked headed back to the busses, but we got back to the room quickly and watched Hotel Transylvania.

The next day we are headed to the Magic Kingdom!  I can’t wait to check out Be Our Guest.


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