March 25th – Magic Kingdom

Well, Mom and I eat at The Artist’s Palette again for breakfast, before meeting Julie and the kids at the room.  We then hop on a bus to the Magic Kingdom!

They went to the new Mickey entrances to the park, as they headed over to Epcot and got my Mom’s pass changed over, but I still had the old pass.  I had trouble entering the park for the first time in a while, but I eventually did and met up with the others.  We then stop at City Hall for a Guest Assistance Card for my Mom, then go over to the New Fantasyland!  Even with the construction of the mine train ride, I really am liking the look!

By this time, it was almost noon and we are all hungry.  We check the wait for Be Our Guest, and it was 45 minutes, so we decide to wait.  Well, it really didn’t feel like 45 minutes, more like 20-25 minutes from where we were on the main pathway to when we entered the building.  After finding a seat on the main ballroom (the West Wing was full) we get our meal delivered to us in a rolling tray.  This is awesome!

The food was incredible!  I had some sort of steak sandwich (I forgot what everyone else had).  We then went on the Little Mermaid, and the animatronics looked great.  After that it was a ride on Small World, followed by Haunted Mansion.  Man, was the park packed!  We then head over to Tomorrowland and ride the TTA.  After that, they were having a dance party there, so we join in, and at one point they play the Chicken Dance!  Mom had a ball doing that!

We were wiped out after that and went back to the resort and ate dinner at Artist’s Palette, and then back to the room.  I make another quick trip to the MK, while Mom relaxed for bed.  I liked the “Celebrate the Magic” Castle show, but I kinda liked ‘The Magic, the Memories, and You” a bit more.  I went back to the resort just as wishes was starting, and had a good night’s sleep now that I was using my CPAP again.

Next up, Epcot!


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