March 27th – BBB and Crystal Palace

Today was Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique day for my niece.  We get up early and head to DTD as she had the first appointment.  We didn’t have to wait too long before the fairy godmothers in training opened the doors and let us in.

When it was all done, my niece looked amazing.  Here she is with her brother, Gabe:IMG_0987
She and Gabe got to open World of Disney!

We were also informed of the Princess Parade at 2pm, so we decide to do some other things in DTD while we wait for that.

First, we have breakfast at Earl of Sandwich, after which we go to Characters in Flight, as my sister and her kids wanted to go on that.

IMG_0035After they got off, we snacked on some Wetzel’s Pretzel’s before going back to the Marketplace for the parade.

After the parade, we enjoyed some music being played by young musicians there, and then went back to the room before heading to the MK for reservations my sister had made at Crystal Palace for dinner.


We get to the bus stop about one hour before our reservation, but wind up waiting 50 minutes for an MK bus to arrive, while there were about 3-4 Epcot buses, 2-3 Animal Kingdom buses, and a couple of Hollywood Studios’ buses.  My sister calls and talks to them, finds out they’ll hold the reservation for 20 minutes, and by that time an MK bus finally arrives.  When we get to the MK, through bag check and the turnstile, I think we make a new record for powerwalking up Main Street, despite the spring break crowds.

We have a great time there and then head back to the resort once done:


After my sister and the kids go home, my Mom stays at the resort and I head back to the MK to catch ‘Celebrate the Magic’, as I wanted to see that in person.




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