August 10th

We had an 11:40 flight to LAX (though I’m not sure I’d want to go into that airport again-LOTS of traffic!), and got there around 2pm.

I had reserved a car service through SuperShuttle, so after picking up our luggage, we went outside and called for our pickup. 10 minutes later and we were on our way to the Howard Johnson Anaheim, our home for the trip.

The ride was pretty uneventful, however, later on I would forget to ask him to stop at a CVS or something for distilled water for my CPAP. I wound up doing without it tonight, and didn’t get a proper night’s sleep, plus woke my Mom up with my snoring.

We get to the hotel, and while the driver helped get the luggage out of the car, I lugged it and my mom (in wheelchair) up the ramp to the lobby for check in. Everyone was pleasant, and though they didn’t have a room with a handicapped restroom, we did have grab bars, which helped. They did get a shower seat for my mom to use in the tub. After checking in, they helped us to the room with our luggage, and after settling in, we were ready for some lunch.

After reading about good reviews about Mimi’s café across the street, we decide to go to Downtown Disney to get some souvenir shopping out of the way. I can say this, World of Disney is just about as huge as it is in WDW/Disney Springs, and got a lot of our shopping done.

We were near the monorail, so we decide to take a trip to Tomorrowland and walk around the park a bit. It just so happened that we got to the Main Street handicapped parade area with about 45 minutes before the “Paint the Night” parade started, so we decided to stay for it. We were pleasantly surprised by the music, as “Wreck-It Ralph” is one of our favorite Movies. We then saw “Disneyland Forever” and loved it, along with the projections on the buildings

We headed back to the hotel after that, we were pooped from the flight and the excitement. Next up, Disney’s California Adventure, Cars Land, and Carthay Circle restaurant!


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I like Disney, Anime, Star Trek, Collecting, Gaming (PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii) and Computers.
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